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About Us

SC Solar Watts SRL produces, imports, distributes and assembles solar panels that produce electricity (photovoltaic panels) - complete systems and also lighting based on LEDs.

If you are tired of paying high electricity bills and want to pay less, Solar Watts has the answer: LED lighting, if you don’t want to pay at all, still Solar Watts has the answer: photovoltaic solar panels . Technology that we want to emphasize is that the capture and conversion of solar energy into electricity using photovoltaic installations.

The ideal solution for energy savings that doesn’t require such big investment as photovoltaic panels is LED lighting that saves up to 80% less than conventional lighting. The LED lighting bodies that we sell have extensive use, they can be used in private homes, in offices, malls, hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses, public parks, gas stations, tunnels, streets and highways, hospitals and also to illuminate the statues, stadiums, billboards, everything depending on the brightness, power and color temperature of your choice.

Solar Watts represents the concept of "green energy" and environment protection, proof of this stand the certificates available for our products: CE, RoHS, Ul

Our company's mission is to provide all our customers the best quality products, competitive prices and fast delivery.


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