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Privacy policy

The access to this website is free. The purpose of the website is to inform and to help users easily find structured and rapid necessary information about LED lighting and solar photovoltaic panels.


For solarwatts.roto grant permission to use this website, you must comply with the following terms of use:


- The website will be used for personal and / or business.


- Do not copy or distribute any information (text, pictures, videos or other materials) without obtaining prior written consent from the website administrator.


- You may not modify or degrade any part of this website, except for the part where you have legal access.


- Do not post on this website misleading information (text, video, pictures, etc).


- You will comply with the terms and conditions of this website.


As a user with or without an account, you agree not to use any software, application or other automated means to access the website in order to spam the site, flood, data theft, modification or alteration of the website. You are the only responsable for any activity performed on this website.


The website content is provided free of charge for information. Content must not be copied, reproduced, used, transmitted, sold, licensed, distributed without the prior written consent of the owner of the intellectual property that is solarwatts.ro. You agree not to use, copy, distribute content of this website for commercial purposes.


Solarwatts.ro reserves all rights to the content of this website.


Solarwatts.ro is not responsable for damages resulting from mistakes, errors or inaccuracy of material on this website. Materials are purely informative.


The website is open to all age groups. By using this website you have got to know and agree to the terms and conditions shown here.


All information provided by users are and will remain confidential; solarwatts.ro will use this information only for yourself, we won’t use your e-mail addresses to send unsolicited advertisements.


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